Thingu is focused on travel in Africa. We are always looking to work with stakeholders in the industry to promote travel destinations, products and services. Please see a breakdown of our services below. For a quotation, please  email with your requirements.

Thingu is a fast growing platform for travellers to plan their trips to Africa. We offer sponsored listings and advertising space on the website so you can stand out to travellers as they prepare for their journey to the continent. We also offered sponsored social media posts.

Thingu creates travel videos focused on different destinations in Africa. This will include the use of a drone if necessary. For a quotation, please email send us an email with details about your business.

Website design
We can assist with designing your website and adding functionality to make it more appealing to travellers, and to improve the user experience whilst they are on your site.

Digital marketing
Looking to improve your online presence? We can help you rank higher on search pages. We also assist with social media management.