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Mana Pools

Located 390km from Harare, Mana Pools is one of the most beautiful parks in Zimbabwe. A trip to Mana Pools will truly be a breathtaking one. Mana pools is a very popular destination, and can only take 50 vehicles at a time, so it is important that you enquire before going there for a day trip, otherwise you will be turned away if the park is full. Here is what you need to know when planning a journey there.

When it’s raining, the roads are virtually inaccesible in Mana Pools, so camps will be closed. The shoulder season is when there are very few travellers, and prices tend to be cheaper. High season is the busiest and priciest, and that’s simply because it’s the best time to see the animals in the park.

January – Rainy season. Camps are closed February -Rainy season. Camps are closed March -Rainy season. Camps are closed April – Shoulder season May – Shoulder season June – Shoulder season July – High season. Best time to visit August – High season. Best time to visit September – High season. Best time to visit October – High season. Best time to visit November – Shoulder season. Rains begin. Check before booking December – Rainy season. Camps are closed

By Road: a 4×4 vehicle is recommended. While a 2×4 high clearancevehicle will get you to the camp, it won’t be suitable for a self-drive game viewing experience.

By Air: Mana Pools is accessible by chartered flights.

Insect Repellent A hat and sunglasses Sunscreen Camera and/or binoculars Comfortable shoes Light, neutral coloured clothes. Toiletries. Please check this over as there is no kiosk in Mana Pools All the food you will need if you are staying in self catering accommodation.There are no shops in the park. Depending on the length of your stay and if you intend to self-drive withing the park, extra petrol. There are no filling stations in the park.

Coming from Harare, Makuti is the last filling station before you get to Mana Pools. If you need to do any last minute shopping, this is best done in Karoi. Do not buy any fresh fruit, it is not allowed in the park.

You have to prebook before going to Mana Pools. They only take a maximum of 50 vehicles a day, soavoid dissapointment by booking.

You should stop at Marongora to get a pass into Mana Pools National Park. They close at 1530 so don’t be late. You cannot enter the park without a pass from Marongora, even if you’ve prebooked.

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