Hwange National Park is the largest national park in Zimbabwe. it offers spectacular game viewing experiences, particularly in the dry season. It’s easily accessible by tar road and has many amenities to make for a pleasant stay.

The time of year you visit greatly affects the chances of viewing wildlife at Hwange National Park.

December – March : This is the green season and is usually not the best time to view wildlife because of all the vegetation. It is, however, the cheapest time to visit Hwange.

April – June & November : At this time there is no rain and there is less vegetation therefore making animal sighting better.

July-October : This is the dry season and is the best time to visit Hwange. It is also the busiest and most expensive time to go, but the animal sightings will be exceptional.

Hwange National Park is easily accessible by tarred road.

Insect Repellent
A hat and sunglasses
Camera and/or binoculars
Comfortable shoes
Light, neutral coloured clothes.
Toiletries. Please check this over as there is no kiosk in Mana Pools
All the food you will need if you are staying in self catering accommodation.There is a store at Hwange Main Camp, and you can purchase some items there. They accept cash, card and mobile payments.
Depending on the length of your stay and if you intend to self-drive withing the park, extra petrol. There is a filling station in the park, but just in case.

There is a small supermarket and filling station in Hwange main camp.

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